Wild Things Stardust Unicorn Blanket

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Kids can snuggle, dream, and let their imagination run wild in our magical, ultra-soft unicorn blanket featuring a rainbow mane, glittery horn, and hooves with hand pockets!  Wearable costume blankets this sweet don’t come along often. Snatch up this magical kids blanket for your unicorn-lover and there’s sure to be plenty of enchantment! Kids can dream in comfort snuggled inside our hooded Stardust Unicorn blanket with pocketed hooves and stunning details like a sparkly horn and heart embellishment, plus a rainbow-colored mane and tail! It’s the cutest of the cute when it comes to wearable animal blankets!

  • Soft, Cozy Fabric
  • Designed for Kids ages 4 and up
  • Wash on Gentle Cycle Only
  • Approx. 60” width across top paws
  • Approx. 44” height between top and bottom paws
  • Available in Kids size only; fits most children 4-10 years old

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