Mermaid Photo Session FAQ's

What do I need to bring?  We provide the tails, as well as the accessories. (starfish for your hair, sea shell props, sea shell necklaces, fishing net, etc.) You need to wear your favorite swimsuit. (All tails are green with blue accents) There may not be a changing room at the location of the session so please wear your suit to the session. You should also bring a towel and any other accessories you would like to be incorporated into your photo session! Also bring a quarter or 2 for public beach access parking.

Who can be a mermaid?  Anyone! Babies as young as 3 weeks old have become mermaids with us, children, mermen, and even MERternity mermaids are welcome! Our oldest mermaid was 70 years old so you're never too old or too young!

How early should I show up to my photo session?  We suggest showing up at least 15 minutes early so we can get you fitted properly for your tail as well as accessorize if that is something you are interested in doing. For the mini sessions, we book back-to-back so if you are late unfortunately that time will be deducted from your session. 

How should I do my hair and makeup?  For hair, we recommend beach waves. Click here for some ideas how to obtain that perfect mermaid look. We like to keep our mermaids natural looking, but as far as make up goes, we leave that up to you! You know best what makes you look like a stunning mermaid! Right now we do not have anyone to help with hair and make up so this needs to be done prior to arriving 15 minutes early for your session.


What should I wear? Wear your favorite swimsuit! Our tails are blue and green (pictured below) so you can match that, or you can be uniquely you and choose whatever color you would like! We have tops available for the younger ones, but not for adults at this time.


Are all the Mermaid Sessions on Hilton Head Island? Yes. (For now) However we are planning a "Become a Mermaid" photography tour for the future so keep your eyes and ears open for when we might come to you! 

How do I know what tail size I am?  You don't! But neither do we! Give us your best guess and we bring different sizes to be sure you get the right fit. This is why it is important to show up 15 minutes early to your session. You may have to try on several tails before finding the one that is just right. 

Do I get to keep my tail?  The price of your photo session does not include the cost of the tail, so while we provide the tail for your session, we will need it back for future mermaids. However, we do offer the option to purchase your tail if you choose! 

If you are interested in purchasing the tail you will be using for your photo session, please let us know when you book the session. If you decide not to purchase your tail prior to your session but change your mind later, we can certainly accommodate.


Directions to Bradley Beach:

Address for GPS: 64 Bradley Beach Rd. Hilton Head, SC. 29928

From the North end of the Island and Bluffton:
Follow Hwy 278
You will pass a Carabba’s at an intersection on your left
Shortly after you pass Carabba’s you will see a street sign 2 roads down on your left for “Bradley Beach Rd.”
Make that left and follow it until you arrive at the parking lot

From the South end of the Island:
Follow Hwy 278
You will pass a sign on your right for Marriott’s Surfwatch
Shortly after you pass the Surfwatch sign, you will see a street sign for “Bradley Beach Rd.” to your right.
Make that right and follow the road until you arrive at the parking lot