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Hilton Head Boat Tours - Find the Mermaid Boat Tours

hilton head boat tours

 The Find the Mermaid Boat Tour is quickly becoming one of the top Hilton Head Boat Tours. It is the experience of a lifetime that you won’t want to miss. There is magic in the waters around Hilton Head and these are the only Hilton Head boat tours that can prove it to you. On this fun and exciting excursion you will go out in search of the Mermaid of Hilton Head. When you find her swimming in the wild in the waters around Hilton Head she will swim right up to the boat and talk to you.

On this excursion you will not only get to see and talk to the Mermaid of Hilton Head but you will also get to do some dolphin watching as you cruise around the waters. This Hilton Head Boat Tour is a must do for kids of all ages. Boys and girls alike love to go on the quest to find the mermaid. It is an unforgettable adventure indeed.

As you check in the kids will receive a map of the areas around Hilton Head where the mermaid can usually be found. She is a wild mermaid, so we will never know where we can find her but we will travel to all of the places on our map until we find her. They can check off the areas as we go in search of the mermaid. As you board the boat, you will be welcomed with mermaid themed music and bubbles that will make you feel as if you are climbing aboard a Disney ride. While our mermaid is not Ariel, the Little Mermaid, she is still just as friendly. The magic isn’t just in the water - it is also in the atmosphere on the boat tour. We will get stopped along the way as we see dolphins playing in their natural environment and we will learn about Hilton Head Island - the land and the water. The passengers even get the chance to drive the boat on our way to find the mermaid.

hilton head boat tours

Along with the dolphin watching this Hilton Head boat tour offers all kinds of Low Country wildlife along the way. From different species of birds like Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Spoonbills, Osprey, Woodstorks, and even Bald Eagles to sea turtles and otters and you may even see a manatee - there’s no telling what we might find. But the best part of this tour that is so unique is when you find the Mermaid of Hilton Head and she swims right up to the boat.

hilton head boat tours

When this real mermaid swims up to the boat and talks to the passengers they will get to ask all of their mermaid questions. She will also talk to you about Hilton Head Island wildlife and conservation. There is no better way to learn about ocean conservation then from a real mermaid.

The mermaid knows our local dolphins by name, too and she can tell you which ones you saw if you give her a good description. Her dolphin friends consist of Stu, Cheerio, Nick, Chopper, Rowdy, Gary, Droopy, Baby Dave, Baby James, Frankie, and Roly Poly just to name a few. As you are dolphin watching, remember which ones you saw so you can tell the mermaid. She is also friends with Mickey the Manatee who was named because he likes to hang out by the Disney resort.

boat tours hilton head

 You will also learn the story of how the mermaid became the Mermaid of Hilton Head. She was discovered on the island after Hurricane Matthew and you will also learn about what impact that has had on our island and how she helps protect her ocean friends. She will also teach you why the things she does are important for our ecosystem and what small changes you can make to your every day routine to help make a difference for her and her ocean home.

Once the Mermaid of Hilton Head has said her good-byes to her new human friends, she dives down into the water and disappears.

This Hilton Head boat tour is 70 minutes of fun-filled time out on the waters around Hilton Head. The boat is a 30 foot pontoon boat that is covered, with a restroom and cooler on board and has comfortable bench seating. The boat is also low to the water getting you up close to the dolphins and of course the mermaid. "Find the Mermaid" tours are such a fun, unique experience and the little ones have said it's a great thing to do in Hilton Head. We have had feedback from parents who say their child has not stopped talking about their experience on the boat tour even weeks after they get home.

hilton head boat tours

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hilton head tours
hilton head tours