Become a Mermaid of Hilton Head Influencer

What is a Mermaid of Hilton Head Influencer?

A Mermaid of Hilton Head influencer is a mermaid or merman at heart who loves the ocean as much as Mermaid Nina and wants to inspire change. An exclusive group of individuals will be selected at the beginning of every year to be the face of the Mermaid of Hilton Head brand. These mermaids educate their friends and families about small changes they can make to help save our oceans.

Mermaid of Hilton Head
Each influencer is sent a Mermaid of Hilton Head Influencer Starter Kit upon application acceptance which includes:

  • Mermaid of Hilton Head® T-shirt or V-neck

  • Starfish hair clip

  • 4Ocean bracelet

  • Mermaid of Hilton Head® Decal

  • Mermaid of Hilton Head bracelet

  • TropicSport sample

  • 10% off services including Turn into a Mermaid Experience and Photoshoot and Mermaid Experience Boat Tour

  • Birthday card from Mermaid Nina

  • Meet Mermaid Nina one-on-one when you are in Hilton Head, and other fun opportunities to be a part of our team!

  • Featured on the Team Members page of our website

How can I become a Mermaid of Hilton Head® Influencer?

Fill out the application form below. Influencers will be chosen based on how well they fit our message. We have a limited number of influencers chosen every year, so if you don't get accepted this year, you can always apply again next year.

Mermaid of Hilton Head influencers are expected to post at least 2 times per month on all of their social media platforms, advertising one aspect of Mermaid of Hilton Head business, and tag Mermaid of Hilton Head.

Influencers are also expected to invite friends to like our Facebook and Instagram pages, and share content to help spread brand awareness. Influencers also have the option of adding Mermaid of Hilton Head Influencer on their profiles. 

We love our influencers and look forward to your application to be apart of our team!