Mermaid Videos - Great videos of a real mermaid swimming in the wild

Have you ever seen a real mermaid in the wild? We have the Mermaid videos to prove that mermaids are real and you can find one in Hilton Head. You can join us on our Mermaid Encounter Boat Tour, one of the best boat tours in Hilton Head to see a real mermaid swim in the wild.

The Mermaid of Hilton Head swims right up to the boat and talks to the kids and adults on board. (See the mermaid videos below) Everything we do is focused on fun and education about ocean conservation. The mermaid is there to answer your questions and talk about her ocean home.

Below you will see a mermaid video of the Mermaid Encounter Boat Tour:


The Mermaid of Hilton Head is a professional mermaid that swims in the waters around Hilton Head to educate and promote conservation. 

The kids just love when they see a mermaid in the wild. (See the mermaid videos above). It is a unique and exciting experience for everyone on the boat. We have more mermaid videos so you can see what it is all about!

One of our recent guest gave us a great review on the Mermaid Encounter Boat Tour: "We just came back from our Disney vacation, but this your was the most magical thing we have ever done" 

Come to Hilton Head and schedule your tour to see this real mermaid swim in the wild!

Have you ever wondered how to turn into a mermaid?  We have you covered with our Turn into a Mermaid Photoshoots. We have been making dreams come true for kids, teens, and adults.  We even have had entire families, and couples get in on the fun. We have also done before and after maternity/newborn sessions which are so much fun!

mermaid videos

Meet us at the beach where we will give you a mermaid makeover where you will turn into a mermaid. The sessions include the tail rentals, a starfish hair clip, and an online gallery of your professionally edited images of your experience where you can purchase images to help you remember the day you turned into a mermaid forever. Enjoy some mermaid videos of our become a mermaid photoshoots.  

The entire family got in on the mermaid photography in the video below.  This Mom, Dad and two kids said this was the highlight of their entire vacation!

Do you have your copy of the Children’s Books written and illustrated by the Mermaid of Hilton Head? They all have a conservational message focused on teaching kids and adults alike what they can do to help conserve Hilton Head Island. Sammy the Sand Dollar started it all with his message that sand dollars are living creatures and need to be left in the ocean to survive. From there, the Mermaid of Hilton Head conservational Children’s book series started and has been gaining popularity ever since. The mermaid books are on the rise and teach kids why it is important to turn your lights out at night for the sea turtles among other lessons that are important to the wellbeing of her ocean friends. Check them out on her online mermaid store.  

We shoot all our Mermaid Photography as the sun is rising or at the golden hour just before the sun goes down.  We love capturing the moments when someones life long dream of being a mermaid comes true.   

 Get your very own Mermaid Tail at our online mermaid store.

 Schedule your own Become a mermaid photoshoot and join our page of mermaid videos!

If you like mermaids make sure to check out our online mermaid store to get your mermaid tail, accessories and clothing. 

Below you will find the video and photo of Mermaid Scarlett.  She was shy at first but once we started taking photos she warmed up and had the time of her life.  You can see the excitement and joy she had that evening on the beach. 

mermaid videos