Bamboo Toothbrush

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A bamboo toothbrush is the best way to shine those mermaid fangs! Our high-quality and beautiful bamboo handle provides a wavy grip that sits in the curve of your palm and offers a natural place for your thumb. A very light coating of wax coupled with the already anti-microbial nature of bamboo assures you that not only are you doing something healthy for your mouth, but that you are not harvesting a germ fest on the handle!

Know what’s nice? Our toothbrushes will fit into your toothbrush holder! Bamboo and you. It’s a winning combination.

  • Super cool and stylish
  • Made with natural, biodegradable bamboo
  • Packaged with recycled & recyclable materials
  • Featuring high quality dental-grade bristles
  • Panda friendly!
  • Each toothbrush comes complete with Mermaid of Hilton Head® logo
  • Come in child and adult sizes

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