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If you are looking for a fun unique mermaid birthday party we have you covered.  Join us on a private Mermaid Encounter Boat Tour with your friends and family.  

  • The birthday boy or girl will get a plush Mermaid of Hilton Head doll as a birthday gift from the Mermaid.
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Mermaid Encounter Boat Tour - Join Pinky Plankton and Sailor Scruffy as they take you on a journey through the waters around Hilton Head to find Mermaid Nina. This is an exciting and fun filled adventure that the entire family will enjoy!

Pinky Plankton met the Mermaid of Hilton Head, Mermaid Nina, who taught her how to protect the ocean and gave Pinky Plankton the title of Ocean Ambassador. On this 75 minute tour you will learn how to protect the ocean and earn your Ocean Ambassador badge too! You will get to see dolphins, birds and other Low Country wildlife on your journey to find the Mermaid of Hilton Head.

You will also learn the story of how Mermaid Nina became the Mermaid of Hilton Head and how she helps protect her ocean friends as well as why the things she does are important for our ecosystem and what you can do to help.

When we find the real mermaid, she knows our boat! She will swim right up to the boat and talk to our passengers about the ocean, Hilton Head wildlife, and of course, answer all of your mermaid questions!

You never know what will happen when you are on the tour! Sometimes Mermaid Nina’s arch nemesis, Professor Al G. will show up and try to capture her to put her in a mermaid performance tank, but Mermaid Nina loves to be wild and free. She will rely on you and your family to save her from Professor Al G. and scare him away!

At the end of the tour, you will earn your o’fish’al ocean ambassador badge that you can take home with you.

The boat is fully covered with bench seating. The Mermaid Encounter Boat Tour is such a fun, unique experience and that the little ones will be talking about for weeks, months, and even years to come!

Our tour is based around the book The Mermaid of Hilton Head: The Mermaid’s Friend, this book was written and illustrated by Mermaid Nina herself.

Kids must be accompanied by an adult.





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