Eco-friendly Dental Floss

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Our dental floss is made from natural organic silk, and it’s encased in a cool, plant-based plastic shell. We’ve eliminated the need for a plastic case, as the packaging itself becomes your floss dispenser! Pop it open, thread it, close it, use it.  Oh, stick “buy it” in there, first, and get ready to floss your mermaid fangs!

Every time it’s used that means another several feet (usually) of non-biodegradable plastic string ends up in the garbage! You don’t have to be president of the environmental club to imagine what thousands of miles of plastic floss in oceans and landfills can do to our planet’s animal inhabitants.

  • Made with natural, biodegradable silk
  • Coated with natural wax
  • Packaged in renewable plant-based plastic
  • Soy-based ink & post-consumer waste
  • Finely crafted in Italy

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