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Sammy the Sand Dollar


Sammy is a Sand Dollar who loves to go on adventures with his friends, Stu the starfish and Lily the dolphin. One day, their adventure takes them too close to shore and Sammy is put in danger when a person takes him out of the water. How can Stu and Lily save their friend when they can't leave the ocean's safety?

Luckily, a child on the beach sees what happens and takes action to return Sammy to where he belongs: in the water.

Sammy the Sand Dollar teaches children basic language skills while informing them about aquatic wildlife. Kids will love going on an adventure with Sammy and his friends, and they'll learn the importance of respecting nature and all of its animals.

Sammy the Sand Dollar was Mermaid Nina's first children's book.  She wrote Sammy to try and educate people that it is not right to take live sand dollars from the beach and use them for decorations in your home.  This book is great for kids and adults who what to learn and help teach others about Sand Dollars. 

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Books purchased here are signed by the Mermaid (author) herself!

Sammy the Sand Dollar Sammy the Sand Dollar Sammy the Sand Dollar Sammy the Sand Dollar