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Tidal Teal Toddler Mermaid Tail

This toddler mermaid tail lets everyone dream. Your little one will look adorable in this beautifully blue toddler mermaid tail! In fact, she can match big sister’s swimmable mermaid tail perfectly. Featuring shades of teal and aqua in a realistic scale print pattern, this pint-sized tail comes alive in the water and shimmers in the sun!
  • Includes tail skin. Tops sold separately.  
  • 100% Swimmable - experience the joy and freedom of mermaid swimming with a fabric tail made from high-quality swimsuit material.
  • Machine Washable- tails are durable enough to be washed on the gentle cycle in your washing machine.

These swimmable fabric mermaid tails are designed with a polyester/spandex blend that is ultra-comfortable and easy to wear. Plus, you'll love the convenience of machine washing your mermaid tail in the gentle cycle with cool water.

Note: Fabric mermaid tails do not like high temperatures, which can cause any spandex material to lose its shape. Please avoid dryers and hot tubs to keep your tail in good condition.

Safety: We recommend you read and listen to all directions and warnings that come from the manufacture. The Mermaid of Hilton Head is not responsible for any safety once the product leaves our hands. No one should swim alone especially with a mermaid tail. The tails meet the Child Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements for the United States (as well as Australian ACCC requirements) and are built with quality materials throughout.

  • Humans don't have gills so remember to breathe 
  • Ensure a proper fit
  • Respect the water, it is recommended to swim in clean calm waters
  • Always use under adult supervision
  • Know your limit and swim within in it
  • Do not dive or swim over, under or through objects

Product ships within 7-14 business days.

Toddler Mermaid Tail Toddler Mermaid Tail Toddler Mermaid Tail